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Dear Carlota and Sonia,

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the excellent quality of the professional services that I received from wefindyourplace. The results far exceeded my expectations. 

In particular, I want to thank you for the thorough and thoughtful exploration of my personal needs and preferences for an apartment in Barcelona. You combined this information with your extensive and knowledgeable research and your wide network of professional contacts. This led to a wonderful range of apartment visits and enabled
me to make a well-informed and successful decision. 

In addition, there is no doubt that your insight and advice, based on your expertise in architecture and renovation, proved to be invaluable.
I love my apartment!

Finally, let me add that you really went beyond my expectations in assisting me so efficiently and extensively with all the other issues I had to deal with in moving to Barcelona, including securing a bank account,
and organizing apartment utilities, such as internet, water etc. This saved me so much time and hassle!

In short, I thank you sincerely for your brilliant service and assistance. Working with you both was like working with good friends.
I certainly have no hesitation in recommending wefindyourplace to anyone seeking perfect housing in this region of Spain!

Thank you!
Warm regards,

Maria Hutchinson

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