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If you are planning to purchase a home or invest in property in Barcelona and you are not from Spain –
then you really need the services of We Find Your Place. Based on my recent purchase (assisted by We
Find Your Place) and purchases I have made in 3 other countries (United States, Belgium and France),
Spanish law and practice leaves much more responsibility on the buyer to verify the status of a property
before its purchase. Without We Find Your Place I would have been lost - or could have made some poor decisions.
Also, if you try to identify properties using Internet sites, you need to be careful about scams (if it is too
good to be true, it is very probably false) and the “best buys” disappear before you can get to Barcelona
to look at them. I tried, and using We Find Your Place is SO much easier and you can have so much
more confidence in the choices that you are making.
I also found a great, friendly team at We Find Your Place, who were interested in getting the best
possible deal for me, not for the seller or anyone else. They went out of the way to make me feel
welcome and well taken care of. A big thanks to everyone, and especially to Carlota who is a top-notch
negotiator, has a really impressive knowledge of housing codes and law, and coordinated everything.

Virginia Cram-Martos

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